Me & Art – 62 Mary Street, Surry Hills, Sydney


I love art and I love coffee, so this neat little place was exactly where I wanted to be on a sunny Saturday morning. It’s set in a light and airy terrace house complete with white washed walls and wooden floorboards (did that just sound like a real estate ad??). Outside, there’s a tiny front porch that you can sit on, decorated with pot plants and artificial grass. Inside, the place is divided up into three sections: a front section where you are greeted by the owners and where the coffee is made, a middle section that represents a homely lounge room, and a back narrow corridor complete with a giant disco ball that takes up most of that area’s ceiling.

The cafe specialises in Japanese art, which lines most of the walls. There’s some very vivid and colourful art and then there’s the more subdued kind. We were told that every fortnight, new art would be available for viewing or purchasing pleasure. Besides the wall art, vintage pieces adorn the place, including an old-fashioned telephone, clock and gramophone.  

You can leisurely recline on the comfy couch and take in the surrounding art. There’s a beautiful, heavy, unfinished coffee table on which to place your coffee cup or water glass that could have easily come from your mother’s, or for some of you, grandmother’s cupboard. Otherwise, there’s an eclectic mix of chairs, stools, sheepskin covered benches and small wooden round tables to occupy while you gaze at the art, listen to the trendy background music and breathe in the coffee aromas.  


We ordered our usual skinny cap and long black. The service is wonderful and the guys give off a friendly, ‘easy-going’ kind of attitude. But it’s the coffee that’s going to keep me coming back to this little treasure. It was rich, but not too creamy with a deliciously nutty undertone – such a delight to my senses. Tom was loving his long black too.


The guys are currently focusing on roasting their own coffee beans, so as at this post, there wasn’t much available in the way of food. What they do have in their little fridge includes bircher muesli cups and brownies, but that’s about it for now. Further down the track they’ll have more food available of a decidedly healthy nature.

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