Mojo Record Bar – 73 York Street, Sydney

We ventured into this basement bar on a Friday after work. At the bottom of the narrow stairway to the left is a funky little vinyl record store, and beyond that is what we came there for after a long and tiresome week – and the light at the end of the tunnel – the bar.

This small bar, or perhaps den is more fitting, has lots of attitude – and the bartenders were no exception to this rule. They’re outgoing and friendly with a quirky sense of humour and a dress code to match. The combination of amber lighting, rich mahogany fittings, vintage carpets and red back lighting gives off a red glow and a cosy feeling. The walls are an homage to music – covered with framed album covers hailing from different decades and genres.

You can choose to sit at a booth, table or at the bar – we chose the bar so we could be at the heart of the cocktail-making action. This however, may not have been such a smart choice. My friend had ice, cocktail-making gadgets and ingredients thrown at her (albeit accidently) from all directions. I was lucky enough to have the cash register right in front of me, saving me from this unnatural shower.  So sitting at the bar definitely got us amongst the action – quite literally. The bartenders were charmingly apologetic though and even bought us as a drink each to make up for it.

You should know that there’s no food at this bar. But as a nice little touch, I’m told you can take your drink into the record store while you have a browse.

With a relaxed, intimate, yet quirky vibe, it won’t be the last time I visit this watering hole. It’s a marvellous place to have that much needed drink after a wearisome day. It does get extremely busy on a Friday evening though. We walked in at around 5.15pm and had free reign on where to sit, but when I turned around and away from the bar about 15 minutes later, it had well and truly reached its capacity – a sign of its popularity among Sydney-siders.    

P.S. sorry I don’t have any (acceptable) photos for Mojo Record Bar. I did try to take some, but they turned out too dark on my humble BlackBerry phone.

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